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Online liberal arts and sciences degrees

Empower your career with valued skills

Our online liberal arts and sciences degrees help you craft vital skills in communication, critical thinking and problem-solving— which apply to a wide range of careers. Develop your abilities to become an asset in almost any industry.

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Why earn your liberal arts and sciences degree with us?

Besides equipping you with skills to pursue a brighter future, our programs are built around the life you have now. You’ll take just one course at a time to earn your degree, and each one is just 5-6 weeks long. Which means that if family and work are at the top of your priority list, they can stay there.

Save time and money

You’ll have opportunities to receive credit for your prior academic and professional experience, potentially shortening your time to completion and saving you money.

Tuition Guarantee

Affordable, fixed tuition  

We’ve lowered tuition and locked it in for the duration of your liberal arts and sciences degree. So, you can count on your tuition to be as dependable as your education.

Start when you're ready   

You have 8-10 opportunities all year long to start one of our bachelor degrees, so you can begin when it best suits your schedule.

Earn career-relevant skills in weeks – not years

Get value from your education before you even graduate. Update your resumé and LinkedIn profile with learned skills when you complete every 5- or 6-week course in our associate, bachelor's and master's programs.

Build skills on your way to your degree

Meet your college deans

Our college deans focus on developing a career-relevant curriculum. They bring industry experience to the classroom and lead a faculty of academic professionals with one goal in mind—to help you earn the skills you need to pursue your career.

Briana Houlihan, Dean

Briana Houlihan, MBA

Dean, College of General Studies

Jacquelyn Kelly, Associate Dean

Jacquelyn Kelly, PhD

Associate Dean, College of General Studies

Susan Hadley, Associate Dean

Susan Hadley, PhD

Associate Dean, College of General Studies

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How to apply

We're with you every step of the way

Set your goals

Select your liberal arts and sciences degree, course or certificate.

Begin online application

Complete your application on your own or with the help of an enrollment representative.

Start school

Register for class and get ready for the first day of school.

Frequently asked questions

The term “liberal studies” refers to an education that spans a wide variety of topics. You’ll study art, social science and natural science.

Liberal arts and sciences degrees include many different disciplines, and the types of jobs vary greatly among the disciplines. The two liberal arts and sciences degree programs offered at the University of Phoenix are a Bachelor of Arts in English (BA/ENG) and a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science (BS/EVS). Examples of the types of jobs aligned with our BA/ENG program include content editors, authors, and copy editors. Examples of the types of jobs aligned to our BS/EVS program include compliance officers, investigators, and inspectors. 

Expect to spend approximately four years earning your bachelor’s degree.

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*While widely available, not all programs are available to residents of all states. Please check with a University Enrollment Representative.